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This process allows a US employer to hire a foreign national on a permanent basis. This is an employment based green card application. The preference category of filing (EB1-EB5) depends on the foreign national’s qualifications. The preference category one fits into determines filing requirements and timelines.
The list of preference categories is listed on the USCIS website
To learn more about the PERM process in general visit the DOL website

US permanent residents and US citizens may file green card applications for their immediate family members. This can be done for a family member currently in the US (see adjustment of status). Sometimes the family member must apply through a US consulate in a foreign country (see consular processing). The timeline and requirements for filing are different depending on the type of family member(s) one is applying for.

For more details on applying for a green card for family members if you are a US citizen visit here
For more details on applying for a green card for a family member if you are a US permanent resident visit here

This is available to a foreign national who would be able to adjust to permanent resident status if they were already in the US. This may be employment based, family based, or a special class of immigrant petition. One applies to enter the US as a permanent resident, through US consulate abroad.
For more details on this process visit the USCIS website

This application is used when a US citizen applies for their foreign national spouse to whom they have been married to for less than 2 years. The initial green card is conditional for 2 years, and one must apply to remove the condition before the expiration of the conditional card. The applicants must show the marriage is still intact and genuine. If the marriage has dissolved in this time, the applicants must prove they entered the marriage in good faith and it was bona fide before it dissolved.
For more details regarding this process visit the USCIS website

This is the process by which a foreign national becomes a US citizen. Only certain people are eligible to naturalize.
For more details on this process visit the USCIS website

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